Train the mind

Kaiser Permanente + NBA have a new focus around mental health this year. Featuring Stephen Curry's journey through decompression, we dramatize the importance of putting the mental game on par with the physical.
Our campaign has a powerful line: Train the mind. The body will follow.

As the start of a long-term commitment for Kaiser Permanente around mental health, this campaign will run during the playoffs. TV, influencer content and digital drivers spark conversation in reframing what it takes to be at the top of your game, both as an individual in life or as an athlete. I'm proud of the bravery our clients displayed in buying this work.

Clios, Film Craft, 2017

Suz Keen = Creative Director
Erica Stevens = Art Director
Ben Schneider and Alon Shoval = Copywriters
Carissa Ranelycke = Producer
Jones and Tino = Directors